More squirrel attacks at Florida senior center

For the last few weeks, aggressive squirrels have attacked people at the Sterling Court Retirement Community in Deltona, Florida.

Monday morning's incident was the worst one yet, after an 85-year-old woman sent to the hospital.  The woman was in the backyard at Sterling Court.  The company spokesman says she was standing in the grass, when she was bitten in the arm, leg and back by a squirrel.  In an attempt to push the animal away, she fell and broke her wrist. 

Other residents tell FOX 35 that they have had run-ins with an angry squirrel.  

"I had a squirrel come up to me outside.  It was gonna jump on me, and I yelled at him!" said a resident named Jessie.  "I yelled, and I must have frightened him.  I yelled, until I came to the door, and I got in the door. So, there is something wrong with them, with the squirrels."

In fact, last week a squirrel bit and scratched two other residents and a staff member last week.  In Monday's case, a staff member grabbed a BB gun and shot and killed the squirrel.  

Animal control picked up the squirrel. They are sending it to the Florida Health Department to be tested for diseases.

As for the Sterling Court Retirement Community, their spokesman tells us they have trappers working to get rid of the squirrels in the area. They also posted signs for residents to watch out for angry squirrels.