Mother-daughter duo perform lockdown comedy

Arline Geduldig, 89, mother of three, is taking the internet by storm by teaming up with her daughter, Lisa, in the new Lockdown Comedy show.

Her daughter can't believe what they're doing.

"The last thing I imagined doing was living with my mother in Florida and producing comedy shows in her guest room by her underwear drawer. But here we are," said Lisa.  

Lisa Geduldig is a San Francisco-based comic who found the famed "Kung Pao Kosher" Comedy Show, a Chinatown Christmas tradition now 28 years strong.

And a two-week Florida trip to see her mother in March has lasted nearly a year due to the pandemic.

To pass the time, Lisa launched a monthly Lockdown Comedy Show over Zoom. 

 It kicked off in July and Arline made a quick cameo at the microphone and voila!!  A star was born.   

"Here she is to entertain you," Lisa says, introducing her mom. "The one and only.  The woman who birthed me. Please welcome my mom Arline Geduldig!!"

In one of the sketches, Arline walks towards the stage and says, "ohh I shouldn’t have had all those drinks."  

She was an instant hit and she is loving every bit of it.  

"I think it’s a lot of fun," Arline says. "And I love the attention.  It’s terrible to say, but I love people paying attention to me."

 She turns 90 in April and has been married for 70 years so she has plenty of material to pull from. Especially when it comes to firemen.  

"I just love fireman you have no idea," Arline says in one of the sketches.  "They are gorgeous.  If you want to get your blood pressure taken you go to the fire department and ring the bell and they’ll bring you in to meet these handsome, muscular young men.  So he took my blood pressure.  I couldn't stand it.  I had to get away from him.  I was shaking like a leaf." 

Just one of the many stories she shares like the time she got kicked out of Costco.  

 Lockdown Comedy plays on Zoom every third Thursday each month. Information is located at tickets range from $10-$20