Mother describes losing 7-year-old daughter, boyfriend in suspected Pittsburg DUI crash

An East Bay mother is in mourning following a high-speed crash in Pittsburg with a suspected drunk driver.

From her hospital bed at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, Corrina Rosalez spoke about her emotional and physical pain after losing 7-year-old daughter Sela Mataele and her boyfriend Romero Castro.

"I have to wake up the rest of my life and not hearing my daughter's voice," says Rosalez. 

On Monday evening, police say a drunk driver in a black Camaro rear-ended the silver Toyota Corolla Rosalez's boyfriend was driving.

In the car were her three children: Sela, 4-year-old Nico and 2-year-old Julian.

They were returning home to Pittsburg after having dinner at a restaurant.

Rosalez recalls falling asleep and waking up at the crash site with her children gone from the car. 

"Sela, Nico, Julian-where are you?" Rosalez remembers saying and that firefighters extricated her from the wreckage with the jaws of life.

She says she was also shocked at seeing her boyfriend who is also the father of their 2-year-old son.

"I remember touching his back and telling him, Romero wake up and he didn't wake up."

Authorities have identified the driver arrested as 24-year-old Christian Vargas.

He faces charges including murder and driving under the influence.

"This guy just walks off like nothing. It's horrible," says Christina Aguilar, Rosalez's sister.  

The District Attorney's Office says he has a prior DUI conviction. His bail is set at $2,540,000

Rosalez's family says this is a reminder about the consequences of drunk driving.

"This is what happens. People die. Innocent people die and the family members that are left are the ones suffering," says Dolores Nogueda, Rosalez's mother. 

Family members say they don't know the accused drunk driver, but  were shocked to discover that they knew two of the passengers- one is a 10 year old boy, a cousin to the children in the Toyota.

Julian was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon.

His older brother Nico remains hospitalized with a broken leg. 

The family shared video of Sela singing, which she loved to do. 

Relatives describe her as a smart, responsible and loving child with an old soul. Her family is devastated.

"I feel like all my crying and hurt is gone and now I'm mad," says Ladene Halafihi, Sela's aunt who says she loved the little girl like a daughter.  

"I want him to go to prison for life because I'm never, ever going to be able to see my first born again and I'll never be able to see Romero again," says Rosalez. 

Vargas, the suspect, is scheduled to be arraigned in court Friday.

Family members say they're now faced with struggling to pay medical bills and funeral expenses.

They're planning a car wash bake sale fundraiser at Praise Chapel Antioch located at 2400 A Street in Antioch this Saturday starting at 8 a.m.

The family is also planning a candlelight vigil on April 23 at 6:30 p.m. It will be held at 2201 Golf Course Road in Pittsburg.

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