'I grabbed him out of the toilet': Mother gives birth in hotel bathroom

Just a few weeks from her due date, a now mother of two in town for a work trip found herself in the middle of an unimaginable situation.

Victoya Venise was in town from Louisiana, staying at a hotel in Dunwoody for a work trip. However, it turned out to be an experience beyond her wildest imagination.

"It's just really magical. It's a story we'll be telling for the rest of our lives," Venise told FOX 5. "I'm going back to Louisiana with a newborn baby.

Venise says her 4-year-old daughter had a stomach bug, so she thought she had the same thing. She went to the bathroom, but says she was shocked when she realized she was in labor.

"I turned around, and it was the baby, and I was like ‘gasp.’ I hurried up, and I grabbed him out of the toilet," she said.

The single mom told FOX 5 she didn't realize she was in labor until that moment.

"I found a towel and I wrapped him up. I was sitting on the toilet and I called my mom. I was like mom, I just had the baby. I was like he fell in the toilet. She was like, ``Call 911, call 911."

She and baby Rocky were taken to Northside Hospital- just a couple of miles away. Venise says doctors and paramedics have told her how dangerous it could have been for them, but the two are healthy and leaving the hospital Friday night.


Victoya Venise and baby Rocky (FOX 5 Atlanta).

Venise says it's an experience that also changed the course of their lives. Rocky was supposed to be adopted by another family, but she says his extraordinary entry into this world is what changed her mind.

"I feel like the experience made me connected to him and made me want to keep him. So I'm going to keep him."

Venise has a 4-year-old daughter and says she felt it would be too tough to juggle single parenting and her job. But she says this experience has taught her that she underestimated her own strength.

"It happened to teach me that you can do this. Even though im a single mom, you can take care of him. It gave me more courage and made me believe I can do this. If I can do that, I must be able to do a lot."

Venise says she had nothing ready for baby Rocky because she thought he would be adopted by a family, but now she says she's excited to go shopping to get him everything he needs.