Mother's Day non-traditional traditions

Mother's Day is the perfect day to pamper mom with breakfast-in-bed, a hand-made card, or a bouquet of flowers. But read on as some of our KTVU anchors and reporters share some of their sweet, non-traditional Mother's Day traditions!


Dave Clark, "Mornings On 2" Anchor

Our Tradition, through the years, were not "Fancy": just showering "Extra" love and attention on either my wife or my Mother, something they deserve EVERY DAY!

Emma Goss, Reporter

A favorite Mother’s Day tradition my mom enjoys is going out to see a San Francisco Giants game, when Mother’s Day happens to fall when there’s a home game. One year, I managed to get a personalized message for my mom on the scoreboard!

Brooks Jarosz, Investigative Reporter

Since I moved from Ohio to the Bay Area four years ago, I haven’t been able to see my mom for Mother’s Day.

My new tradition is sending a half case of delicious California wine to her and my grandmother.

The two of them get together and do a wine tasting! They call and tell me all about their favorites.

They also both have May birthdays, so there’s lots to celebrate!

Frank Mallicoat, "Mornings On 2" Anchor

My mother Maggie was a softy when it came to flowers, but you they had to be delivered in just the right way.  It started on May Day 1969 when I left a bouquet of camellia’s from our garden on her door-step when I was in the 4th grade.   I rang the doorbell and ran away.   No card, but she knew who they were from.  That tradition carried over a week later into Mother’s Day too.   It was such a big hit it continued over the next 4 decades although I did lean on my sister the florist while I lived back East.  They were always left on the doorstep with no card, and her reaction was always priceless.  

Gasia Mikaelian, "Mornings On 2" Anchor

My family’s Mother’s Day tradition is to gather with my siblings in Livermore, at the house we all grew up in, to celebrate my beloved Mom (or "MedzMama," as we call her now, which is the Armenian word for grandmother). Everyone brings their own family, and we’ll usually grill kebab and each contribute a favorite side dish. On the weekend after Mother’s Day, my little family of 4 goes cherry-picking and have a picnic in the park… I always expect the cherries to last far longer than they do, but the memories of the cherry pies, cobblers and jams I crank out in the days afterward stay with us forever!

Allie Rasmus, Reporter

Mother's Day in our household involves just seeing each other and spending time together. Last year, we were outside, masked in my parent's backyard, but this year will be much more celebratory, now that we are all fully vaccinated! In our family, Mother's Day is usually a two day affair. My mom is Mexican, and in Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala, Mother's day is always on May 10, no matter what day of the week it is. In the U.S. it's always the second Sunday in May. This year, my mom will get two consecutive days of phone calls and flowers!

Mark Tamayo, Meteorologist

Our Mother's Day tradition has always been going to the beach to barbecue!