Mountain lion sighting in East San Jose neighborhood

A mountain lion is captured on camera and raising concerns in one East San Jose neighborhood.

Longtime residents said they've never seen anything like it.

Video from a homeowner's security camera caught the mountain lion on Juliet Avenue in the hills of East San Jose. It was taken just before midnight on Monday. In it, you see a mountain lion walking down the street.

“He is a big guy,” said Jean Woodall of San Jose. “Oh a very big guy. I wouldn't want to see him face to face.”

Woodall has lived on the street for 12 years. While she's spotted deer, she's never seen a mountain lion in the neighborhood. She’s now keeping her two small dogs close, afraid they might get snatched.

“I’m worried,” said Woodall. “We have a lot of children. A lot of little dogs and mountain lions are not to be messed with.”

According to the Santa Clara County Vector Control District, the mountain lion appears to be a mature adult, healthy and robust. The District said the mountain lion likely came from the nearby foothill habitat.

The district said while it's never heard of a sighting on this particular street before, it's not rare especially since mountain lions are breeding this time of year. 

“In most cases these animals are doing their natural thing which is either looking for new territory or looking for food sources,” said Russ Parman of the Santa Clara County Vector Control District. 

The District is urging homeowners to keep small pets and children, viewed as prey, indoors especially at night. The District said if you do encounter one try to appear big, dangerous and loud. 
“They don't like people,” said Woodall. “They try to stay away from them. You see one and approach it, it may attack you.”

Art Woodall said he's more worried about rattlesnakes. However, his wife Jean is hoping the big cat stays far away.

“I don't want to come face to face with a mountain lion anytime soon,” said Woodall.