Mountain lion spotted at Milpitas mobile home park: video

Ring video captures mountain lion at Milpitas mobile home park. May 29, 2024 Photo: Milpitas police

A mountain lion was spotted early Wednesday morning at a Milpitas mobile home park.

Police said a resident's Ring camera captured the large cat walking around in the 120 block of Dixon Landing Road at the Friendly Village Mobile Home Park at 2 a.m.

Milpitas police said they looked around and sent up drones with thermal imaging to find the mountain lion, to no avail.

Then, about 4:30 a.m., police said a mountain lion was seen on Fairmeadow Way. 

The Department of Fish and Game and Vector Control have been notified of the sighting.

Police reminded residents to bring small pets indoors and not run away if you see the lion.

 Instead, try to appear larger than the lion by waving your arms and speaking in a loud, firm voice.  T

The Milpitas Police Department said call 911 if you see any more mountain lions.