Muni adds buses, new connections in hopes of improving commute

SAN FRANCISCO, (KTVU) - People in San Francisco who ride Muni to work may have an easier time getting there Monday morning.

The transit agency rolled out new buses, more service, and new connections over the weekend.

The routes of some buses have also been altered, to make new connections between neighborhoods across the city.

SFMTA officials hope those changes make the ride easier for commuters.

The 43 Masonic is one of several lines in San Francisco that will be running more frequently starting Monday.

For people who take the N-Judah, Muni is adding an extra two-car train during the morning hours.

A total of thirty-seven new buses went into service this month.

On about a dozen lines through the city, Muni will be running those buses more frequently.

Muni is also changing some of the routes to make new connections between neighborhoods

It's part of a series of changes Muni has enacted since the beginning of the year.

Since April, on some of the newer routes, Muni's on-time performance improved about 10 percent.

But Muni still has some work to do on its overall system-wide on-time performance - it's still at 60 percent.

Learn more about the Muni changes here.