Muni returns, increases service along bus lines temporarily affected during shelter order

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will return to modified service along some bus lines after the agency temporarily discontinued most lines earlier this month in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, agency officials announced Monday.

Starting on Saturday April 25, Muni will add back or increase service on the 5-Fulton, 9-San Bruno, 12-Folsom, 28-19th Avenue, 38R-Geary Rapid, 45-Felton, and 714 BART Early Bird Shuttle, as well as the N and L buses. Service on some of the lines may be increased to reduce crowding, according to the agency.

Muni initially scaled the lines back on April 8 in response to low ridership and a decrease in transit operators, as a result of the March 16 stay-at-home order.

However, Muni officials said the agency has since seen a small increase in personnel available, allowing for the expanded service, which is based on ridership trends and public feedback during the pandemic.

Muni's Transportation Director Jeff Tumlin said, "We're bringing those lines back using the same process we used to cut Muni services. We've used our abundant data, looking at where our riders are. We've also looked at data to see where our essential services are. More importantly, we've looked very carefully at where are our riders who have the fewest choices in neighborhoods that have suffered the most from historic disinvestments. And finally, we've listened to a lot of feedback from our riders and various community-based organizations about where service was needed the most."

During the pandemic, Muni is to be used for people on essential trips, like going to the doctors or the grocery store, or for essential workers, agency officials have stressed.

Disabled people or those over 65 can sign up for Muni's Essential Trip Card program, which provides discounted taxi services for essential trips. More information about the bus lines and ETC program can be found at