Napa County eases COVID-19 restrictions: Construction and golfing now allowed

Napa County issued a revised stay-at-home order on Wednesday that now permits some projects and activities to resume with proper social distancing.

That means all construction can resume, along with drive-in-church services, real estate showings, and golfing. But people must keep in line with social distancing protocols, such as remaining six feet apart. 

On March 20, Napa County first issued its COVID-19 stay-at-home order designed to limit interactions among residents to prevent the spread of the virus. But now as California evaluates the state's progress in flattening the curve,  some counties are already moving ahead to relax some restrictions. 

"The amendments to this order were crafted after thoughtful discussions with state and Northern California public health officials and based on modeling data and local epidemiological factors that have demonstrated the impact the shelter-at-home order has had on flattening the curve and preventing the mass spread of illness in Napa County,” County Public Health Officer Dr. Karen Relucio said in a statement. 

The county is also recommending, but not forcing, that all residents wear face coverings when in public or shared spaces, including essential workers. 

Full list of revisions to Napa County's stay-at-home order:

- Permits all construction with proper physical distancing protocols.
- Permits drive-in religious services with proper physical distancing protocols. 
- Permits In-Person real estate agent-client residential viewings with proper protocols.
- Permits landscaping and gardening maintenance that is not purely for cosmetic purposes
- Allows the use of golf courses and driving ranges with documented protocols that are outlined in Appendix C of the revised order. 
- Restricts bocce ball and cornhole sports. 
- Empowers the police chiefs and city attorneys to ensure compliance of all aspects of this order    within their jurisdiction