Napa man with pipe bombs charged; authorities allege he was targeting governor, Twitter, FB

Ian Benjamin Rogers

Federal prosecutors say a Northern California man has been charged with stockpiling weapons, including pipe bombs, and the FBI said he sent texts that could be seen as threats against the governor's office.

The Justice Department announced weapons charges against Ian Benjamin Rogers, 44, of Napa on Wednesday after weapons and explosives were found at his home and auto repair shop.

An FBI court affidavit says Rogers talked about wanting to blow up a building and made references that could be to the governor's office and Twitter and Facebook headquarters. His attorney says the texts were just "drunken bluster."

Arrest of Napa businessman on weapons charges reveals political beliefs

Court documents show the texts in question said, "I’m thinking sac office first target" "Then maybe bird and face offices." Federal agents say they believe "bird" was a reference to Twitter and "face" in reference to Facebook. 

The affidavit argues this was in response to the social media platforms locking former President Donald Trump out of his accounts just before leaving office. 

Court documents show officers found a "White Privilege" card in Rogers' possession. The item appears similar to a credit card. The cardholder's name space displays the name "Scott Free." 

Text messages indicate Rogers believed Trump won the 2020 presidential election, according to court documents. 

KTVU spoke with someone from a neighboring business to Rogers' in Napa, who was shocked by his arrest earlier this month. 

"This person Ian, he is a Napan, he is one of us," said Maui Oregon, office manager at Silverado Service, across the street from British Auto Repair. 

KTVU contributed to this story.