Napa supervisors voting next week on extending moratorium on commercial cannabis activities in unincorporated area of county

Napa County's Board of Supervisors Tuesday will consider extending a temporary moratorium on all commercial cannabis activities in the unincorporated areas of the county.

The moratorium expires on Dec. 4, and in September, the board directed county staff to take public input starting in January 2020 on future commercial cannabis activity in the unincorporated county.

Commercial cannabis activities, including processing and sales, will be prohibited during the public input process, but delivery of cannabis products by licensed commercial cannabis businesses operating outside the unincorporated areas will continue.

The Board on Oct. 15 approved a first reading the ordinance that extends the moratorium that will take effect on Nov. 21.

The issue in Napa County has been debated for years, David Morrison, Director of Planning, Building and Environmental Services said. 

The wine industry is concerned about chemicals used in cannabis cultivation and the effect the cannabis cultivation will have on the existing shortage of labor and water in the county, Morrison said.