Napa Valley landmarks damaged or destroyed in fire

The Glass Fire has left many iconic landmarks in the Napa Valley damaged or destroyed. Parts of the luxury resort Meadowood went up in flames. Chateau Boswell was destroyed in the fire and much of Calistoga Ranch Resort also burned.

On Monday, flames reached the Meadowood Napa Valley Resort in St. Helena. Firefighters tried to save it but a spokesman for the luxury hotel confirmed several buildings on the 250-acre property were damaged including the main one that houses its Michelin three-star restaurant.

All of its staff and guests had been evacuated.

Not far from the Meadowood Estate, a portion of the castle at the world-famous Tuscany-style Castello di Amarosa in Calistoga was damaged by flames.

Overnight, fire ripped through the Chateau Boswell Winery in St. Helena on Silverado Trail, family owned for 40 years.

“My heart broke,” said Kelly Mitchell of the Wine Siren Blog. “We had some fun times there for sure. It was such a stunning estate unlike anything really in the valley.”

Wine enthusiasts saddened to see the destruction. No one realized the magnitude of the fire.

“The fires seem to be selective on where they go and what they avoid, there’s no rhyme or reason to it,” said Mitchell.

“We hope that we come out whole but the odds don’t appear to be stacked in a favor,” said Mike Lamborn of the Lamborn Family Vineyards.

Lamborn Family Vineyards east of St. Helena is at risk, in Napa Valley since 1969. It’s the second fire in a month after the LNU Fire. Smoke tainting their entire crop. There’s no 2020 vintage.

“If we lost our property that would be icing on the cake,” said Brian Lamborn of Lamborn Family Vineyards. “It’s a huge loss for anyone but for Lamborn family, a small family winery it would be truly devastating.”

Their winemaker Heidi Barrett taking a photo in Calistoga on Sunday night of flames encroaching on the Welcome Napa Valley sign, a photo putting everything into perspective.

“It’s a haunting image of the fire ravaging Napa Valley behind it,” said Brian Lamborn. “It’s kind of a dichotomy of this world famous wine growing region and then just sheer devastation. It’s truly sad.”

The iconic Calistoga Ranch Resort confirmed on Monday extensive damage from the fire. The resort also safely evacuated all its guests and employees and is monitoring the fire closely.