Napa vape shop closed, employees arrested on suspicion of selling cannabis to minors

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The Napa Vape and Smoke Shop was shut down Thursday when two store employees were arrested on suspicion of selling cannabis to a minor and conspiracy, the Napa Special Investigations Bureau said.

The NSIB received complaints and anonymous tips in 2017 and 2018 that the business was selling cannabis and butane honey oil, also known as "wax," to people under 18 years old.

Detectives conducted operations over several months at the business at 1700 West Imola Ave. and confirmed the sales to minors, NSIB Lt. Ricky Greenberg said in a news release.

There were juveniles in Napa Vape and Smoke when detectives served a search warrant Thursday. Bailey Polk, 20, of Suisun, who was suspected of selling honey oil to minors, was inside the business, Greenberg said.

During a search, detectives found several containers of butane honey oil, cannabis and cannabis-infused products, which Napa Vape and Smoke was not licensed to sell. Detectives also found a large amount of cash, Greenberg said.

Detectives watched the store after the search hoping to find employees arriving for work, and Tareq Saeed, 24, of Fairfield, one of the store owners, arrived, Greenberg said. 

The investigation determined Saeed had sold the honey oil to juveniles. Greenberg said. Saeed was watching the vape shop during the detectives' search, and he went into the shop when he thought it was safe to do so, Greenberg said.

Detectives arrested Saeed and Polk on suspicion of selling cannabis to a minor and conspiracy. Napa Vape and Smoke Shop was shut down and detectives are working with the City of Napa to suspend and possibly revoke its license, Greenberg said. 

The Napa Fire Department also is investigating fire and safety violations at the Napa Vape and Smoke Shop.