NASA: Astronaut shares 'selfie' from space

(KTVU and AP) - NASA released a 'selfie' of astronaut Barry Wilmore as he worked outside the International Space Station.

According to NASA, the photo shows Wilmore on the first of three spacewalks to prepare the station for arrivals by U.S. commercial crew spacecraft.

The photo was taken last Saturday. You can see spacewalking astronaut Terry Virts reflected in Wilmore's visor. Virts shared the photo on social media and it has since gone viral. 

A few days after the photo was taken Virts ended up with unwanted water in his helmet Wednesday after breezing through a cable and lube job outside the International Space Station.

The leak was scarily reminiscent of a near-drowning outside the orbiting complex nearly two years ago.

This time, the amount of water was relatively small — essentially a big blob of water floating inside Terry Virts' helmet.

The water — cold to the touch with a chemical taste — most likely came from the suit's cooling system, the source of the leak in 2013. Mission Control described the amount of water as "minor," at least compared with 2013.

Learn more about Wilmore and Virts work with NASA here.