NASA gives view of healthy Sierra snowpack from space

NASA tweeted this photo showing the Sierra snowpack on Feb. 14, 2019. Image courtesy of NASA. 

The Sierra snowpack is looking very robust from outer space. 

NASA tweeted satellite images Wednesday showing a side-by-side of the image of the snowpack from Feb. 15, 2018 compared to Feb. 11, 2019. NASA wrote, "The Sierra Nevada is really living up to its name 'snowy mountain range' this year. With snow reports coming in feet and snow storms still moving in, it’s now home to the snowiest ski resort in the U.S."

According to NASA recent storms dumped 11 feet of snow on Mammoth Mountain. At 37 feet of snow - Mammoth can claim the accolades as the snowiest ski resort (at the moment) in the United States. 

According to the Department of Water Resources the Northern Sierra snow water equivalent is 96-124 percent above normal, the Central Sierra is 105-139 percent of normal while the Southern Sierra is 103-142 percent of normal. 

As the snowpack melts in the spring and summer water will recharge our reservoirs. According to NASA, "California drought watchers are cautiously optimistic that the boost to the snowpack will insulate the state from drought this summer."

View snowpack water equivalents here.