Nation's 1st farm-to-table cannabis cafe opens in California

The first farm-to-table cannabis cafe in the country opens Tuesday in Southern California.

The Lowell Café in West Hollywood will have marijuana on the menu.

Diners, 21 years old and up, will be able to pair California-inspired cuisine with locally grown cannabis from the restaurant's "flower menu."

Each dish will have a suggested product to smoke or vape with -- and diners will be allowed to smoke marijuana inside the restaurant, due to a special license issued by the city.

As LA Eater points out,  Lowell Cafe allows the consumption of edibles produced by an outside source, but is prohibited from serving any cannabis-infused food made on the premises. Chef Andrea Drummer, therefore, has created dishes that complement cannabis, similar to pairing wine with food. 
Lowell Cafe also cannot sell alcohol on the premises, but the café is a dispensary that sells everything from vaporizer pens, cannabis oil, concentrated cannabis, cannabis beverages, bongs, and Lowell Farms’ own pre-rolled joints.

As LA eater described, “Flower hosts” will deliver cannabis products just like they’re dropping off a bottle of wine, but instead of popping a cork will roll a joint right at the table. A $20 “toke-age” fee is for those who wish to bring their own cannabis.

This story was written in Oakland, Calif.