Neighbors on edge after prowler caught looking into windows in Willow Glen

Residents in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose are on edge and on alert, following several instances of a man casing several homes.

Surveillance video from cameras positioned around one home captured the man dubbed the “Willow Glen Prowler” on Tuesday morning.

The homeowner, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the man peered into her seven year-old child’s bedroom window, then walked off into the night.

“You feel very violated. You feel like that in itself is a crime. She’s seven, she’s a child, she’s sleeping. And you’re watching her?” said the neighbor.

Over the past few days other Willow Glen neighbors have taken to social media, reporting similar sightings, with some able to capture pictures of the man on their security cameras. One man says the suspect got into his SUV overnight and smoked cigarettes before leaving.

“It’s gross. It’s creepy. I just got a text this afternoon from another neighbor that this guy went into their house while they were sleeping,” said a man, who asked we not use his name.

San Jose police confirm they’re investigating the Tuesday incident. Officers say the prowler did not break into any homes at that time, and left the scene before police arrived.

Some neighbors speculate the suspect is a vagrant who sleeps in a nearby park during the day, and walks Willow Glen by night. They’re hopeful technology designed to prevent crime will help police make an arrest.

“If everybody talks about him and shows it on TV, people will be aware and this guy is gonna get caught,” said one neighbor.

The suspect could face charges for trespassing and maybe loitering. But police haven’t said if he’s connected to the break-ins that have been reported. If so, he would face charges for burglary..