Nevada businessman offers cheaper building for pricey public toilet saga in San Francisco

A Nevada businessman who sells pre-fabricated buildings is offering to donate a pre-fabricated building to be used as a public toilet in San Francisco's Noe Valley after the expensive public toilet story went national last month.

Chad Kaufman, president of Public Restroom Company, said the building including the toilet, locking door and sink would normally sell for $135,000 –  but he'll donate it, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. 

He said the city must have a local labor union to install it and waive all the usual bureaucratic red tape.

He says the toilet could be up and working in three days.

There is a catch though: Nevada is on San Francisco's list of states the city won't  do business with because of that state's stance on LGBTQ issues. 

Other contractors have suggested cheaper bids as well, too. 

Last month, the San Francisco Chronicle first exposed that the bathroom project in Noe Valley would cost $1.7 million and would be finished in 2025. 

There is a temporary toilet in the Town Square, but neighbors wanted a more permanent toilet situation. 

 Gov. Gavin Newsom told the Chronicle that for now, state funds being used for the project have been put on hold. 

The governor said he wants San Francisco to come up with a plan to use the money more efficiently.