New California bill would allow you to take more than one DMV photo for a fee

Los Angeles, At the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles Office on South Hope Street in LA; Marlon Aguilar is having his photo taken before he takes the test for a driver's license. He is at the counter where DMV photos are taken. Behind

Do you hate your DMV photo?

The days of bad drivers license photos could soon be over. You may have the option of re-taking that less than flattering picture.

A state lawmaker wants you to be able to take another photo...for a fee.   

Assemblyman Phillip Chen from Diamond Bar introduced a new bill that would allow up to three photos to be taken with each one costing five dollars.   

If AB 2045 passes through the state legislature and the governor signs it, the bill will take effect on or before Jan. 1, 2022.