New dad "nurses" baby after mom's medical emergency

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STURGEON BAY, Wis. (KTVU)  - A Wisconsin dad stepped in for his wife when she suffered delivery complications to "nurse" their newborn baby. 

On Facebook Maxamillian Neubauer wrote, "This super rad nurse made a epically killer offer... I did it for the moms. Eat your heart out." The photo shows him appear to be "nursing" his baby girl through a feeding tube. 

The special moment of bonding was thanks to Door County Medical Center nurse Cybil Martin-Dennehy, who concocted the plan.

Neubauer 's wife April had planned for skin-to-skin contact and nursing her baby, so Martin-Dennehy wanted to do anything she could to help make that happen. 

Martin-Dennehy tells KTVU, "The first initial feed of a newborn is critical in helping develop breastfeeding habits. I suggest finger feeding first, but by doing this we not only got to continue skin-to-skin contact, but we introduced baby to latching and simulating the positioning that would be used for actual breastfeeding."

When Maxamillian Neubauer was asked about trying to "nurse," he was on board with the plan. "He said 'I’m already shirtless and I’ll try anything once.' He was just very supportive of his wife’s wishes when she was unable to do so," said Martin-Dennehy.

The quick-thinking nurse grabbed a nipple shield, feeding tube and syringe. She used formula, and his baby was ready to "nurse" for the first time. 

Martin-Dennehy said it's a great tool for adoptive moms, moms who have flat or inverted nipples or for infants who require additional supplementation. 

Martin-Dennehy hopes the photos inspire other dads.

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