New details and timeline released in YouTube campus shooting in San Bruno

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New details about the April 3 YouTube campus shooting were released Thursday by San Bruno police,  among which indicated the shooter had inquired about a job at the company a day earlier and had fired off a pistol at a shooting range in South San Francisco that very day.

Much has already been reported about Nasim Najafi Aghdam's anger toward YouTube and its content policies. She had uploaded several videos on veganism to YouTube and had made it clear on her personal website that she believed the company limited the reach of users, including herself.

But police released a much more detailed timeline of the three days that included the shooting, where three employees were injured and Aghdam, 39, ended up killing herself. 

The newly released timeline includes:

  • Aghdam was reported missing by her family in San Diego on April 1.
  • Aghdam visited the YouTube campus at 901 Cherry Ave. at April 2 at 12:40 p.m. where she stayed for about 10 minutes and "inquired about employment" at the front desk.
  • Mountain View police found Aghdam sleeping in her car on April 3 in a Walmart parking lot at 600 Showers Drive and conclude she wasn't in need of assistance.
  • Aghdam visited the Jackson Arms Shooting Range on April 3 at 152 Utah Avenue from 11:03 a.m. to 11:39 a.m., the police report shows.
  • At 12:43 p.m. on April 3, Aghdam arrived at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, entering on Bayhill Drive. Once she entered the courtyard, an employee asked her for company ID. She ignored the request, "reached into her purse with her right hand and removed a pistol," the report states.

The employee fled and called 911. Aghdam began "firing indiscriminately into a crowd of employees eating lunch," the report states. She emptied her pistol of ammunition, reloaded another magazine and continued firing. Twenty casings were found at the scene. Only one was left in the gun.

Finally, Aghdam turned the Smith and Wesson 9mm Model SD9VE semi-automatic pistol, which was registered to her, into her own chest. She had bought the gun from The Gun Range in San Diego on Jan. 16.