New rules, fines ahead for San Francisco's controversial electric scooters

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Officials with the SFMTA will meet on Wednesday to talk about a pilot program for those controversial electric rental scooters, which the city attorney recently declared a public nuisance.  

Transportation officials say these rental companies need to clean up their act -- or these electric scooters could be banned.  

The SFMTA crafted new rules after a lot of complaints from the public.

The biggest problems: People riding on sidewalks and people ditching their scooters in the middle of sidewalks, which create safety hazards for folks walking by.  

The agency’s “engineering, maintenance and safety committee" is considering a series of new regulations for scooter rental companies like Spin, Bird and Lime.  

As part of the 2 year-pilot program -- those companies will be required to educate riders on the law -- letting them know they can't ride on sidewalks and must wear a helmet.  

The city will also limit how many scooters each company can have on the streets -- and require companies to develop a program for low-income riders. 

Companies will face a $100 fine for every scooter parked in the public right of way.

The new scooter rules could get be finalized by next week.