Newlywed widowed in San Lorenzo road-rage shooting speaks

Rienheart Asuncion and his wife Love got married just four months ago in the Philippines. Now, she's in mourning after her husband was shot and killed in a road-rage incident in San Lorenzo.

"That's it. He's gone," Love said.

KTVU spoke to Love, who's in the Philippines, via Facebook Messenger.

The newlyweds were chatting the same way at the time of the incident at about 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Love was listening live when her husband, driving his Toyota Tacoma pickup, got involved in a dispute with several people in another car. 

That argument led to a chase that ended at the busy intersection of Lewelling Boulevard and Hesperian Boulevard.

"I told him not to get out, not to get out from his car, but he didn't hear me," Love said.

Alameda County sheriff's Lt. Ray Kelly said, the victim confronted the suspect which resulted in the suspect shooting a gun. 

"Maybe just one or two steps or three steps away from his car, I just heard a lot of gunshots - a lot of gunshots," Love said.

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Kelly said the tragedy is a sobering reminder not to engage with angry drivers or passengers.

"Get yourself away from any type of escalating road-rage situation," Kelly said. "We really would encourage people to take an exit, or to make a turn, and get away from the situation."

Love says she will only see her husband in her dreams. The two got married in May, after more two years of being in a long-distance relationship, chatting through Facebook calls.

"I'm in grief, a lot of pain. I'm in pain. It's hard to accept," Love said.

Rienheart worked as an installer at Tesla in Fremont for a couple of years. His parents say they are heartbroken.

"This is unfair," said Reinheart's mother Anna Tolentino. "Like, I know my son. He's working, he's a good man."

The parents were told the shooter fired at least eight rounds.

"Why you have to shot it like that, just out there, small argument like that? He killed like an animal," said Tolentino.