Niner fans take off from SFO to Super Bowl, even without tickets to the game

As Super Bowl Sunday fast approaches, Niners fans took off Friday from San Francisco International Airport for Las Vegas.

Several passengers dressed in red and gold, some even chugging beers at 6:30 a.m., were excited for the Big Game – even though no one KTVU spoke to had tickets.

Kathy and Pete Balesterei, both lifelong fans, said they wouldn't miss the Super Bowl for the world. 

"I want to get with fellow Niner fans," Pete Balesteri said, shrugging off that he didn't have a formal entry into the game.

 "I hear there is a lot down there," he added. 

He said he planned to have a great weekend no matter what and that he planned to figure it all out when he got to Vegas, even if he had to spend $6,000 for a ticket. 

Adam Rajahboy, a Niners fan also waiting to hop a flight to Vegas, also didn't have a ticket.

"If anyone want to shoot me a ticket – Bill Gates? – I'm down with it."