No arrest in 15-year-old's slaying in San Francisco Sunset District; family offers forgiveness

The family of the 15-year-old shot and killed in San Francisco's Sunset District spoke with KTVU about their loss.

Reajon Jackson's family arrived at the parking lot of Jefferson High School where he had been a 10th grader.

They spoke about Reajon and what he meant to them.

"He was loved...that he comes from a loving family. We are no different than any other family," says Tanis Kidd, Reajon's great-aunt. "Reajon had the most beautiful smile that you could imagine. He could light up a room. He was just a little confused as a lot of our children are."
Reajon's mother says he played youth football with the Daly City Stars and that he was very close to his younger sister.
"He's very athletic. He loved to play sports," says Tia Kessel, Reajon's mother.
The superintendent of the Jefferson Union High School District says Reajon dropped out of school in the fall.

"When people become a certain age, they're going to make their own choices . We can't control what everyone does all we can do is love them," says Kidd.
On Monday around Noon, Reajon was driving a white Pontiac along Sunset at Kirkham in San Francisco.

A witness told KTVU a dark blue four-door sedan with tinted windows pulled up next to the white car and that a front seat passenger fired at the car and 15-year-old Reajon.
"There's no word for it. There's only pain," says Kidd.
A source tells KTVU the shooting suspect ran into Reajon earlier in the day near the beach and that it may have been a tit for tat road rage incident that led to the deadly shooting.

Family members say they do not know where Reajon was going or who owned the white car he was driving.

"We don't have any of the answers but we know that gun violence is not the way. I think that if there was more love, not only starting from the family, but if people did more and reached out more give more ...that we could make a change, " says Kidd.
Relatives say the last time Reajon was in contact with the family was two weeks ago when he spoke with his grandmother.
"We always hugged and kissed when we greet one another and that's where he comes from. We're not perfect, but we love each other," says Kidd.

When asked if she had anything to say to whoever's responsible for Reajon's death, she replied," We forgive them and god bless him and his family. And we hold no bitter feelings. We hold no bitter feelings."
We asked Reajon's great aunt how she can forgive so soon. She says whoever's responsible, their families are hurting too.

Police say there's been no arrest yet.