No deal, but progress being made over possible teacher strike in San Ramon

A strike is still possible in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District but progress was made – during a 13-hour bargaining session on Wednesday, which lasted well into the night. 

Both the district and teacher’s union want to avoid a strike, but they are stuck on major issue: class size. 

Teachers want smaller class sizes. 

The district approved smaller classes for three years – and they want the right to cancel that agreement in three years – but union representatives say that is unacceptable.

Elisabeth Graswich, spokeswoman for the district, says they look forward to continuing negotiations.
“Eleven different items is a lot to do in one day,” she said. “And so we still think there's plenty of room for conversation, and we look forward to getting back together with them.”

Rob Gendron, the teacher’s union lead negotiator said it all comes down to class size.

“It's about our students, it's about our supports,” he said. “It's about our counselors, and our librarians, and our nurses, and our special day classes, and all the things that we've been coming to the table over repeatedly, for several years now, since record amounts of money have been coming to the district.”

Parents packed a town hall meeting Wednesday night – many wearing the color red to support the teacher’s union. 

Teachers had voted last week to authorize a strike if the negotiations fell through . 
Parents agree that students need more resources.

"What does it mean like have a nurse on Mondays?” asked Thanos Sioutas, a parent of a Hidden Hills elementary student. “Should I tell the kids they can't get hurt the other four days? That's crazy. “
Ada Ip, another parent, said: "I will stand behind whatever teachers decide. I will be glad there will not be a strike but if the teachers decide that's what they need to do, I will support that."