Non-verbal man with autism, other health issues goes missing from Oakland

Family and friends of a man who has been missing from Oakland for nearly a week are asking for help.

They say Ronald Stewart has mental disabilities that put his safety at risk..

They're passing out flyers with his photo and description in West Oakland.

They say the 58-year-old was last seen at a convenience store on 12th and Market Streets Thursday night around 7:30, just blocks from where he lives.

"He's from the neighborhood and he grew up here," said Sakina Toney, a family friend and neighbor.

Relatives said he lives at home with his mother who's in her 80s and that he has wandered off before, but that  they've been able to locate him in a matter of a few hours until this time.

"We're very worried. He's a diabetic on top of being mentally disabled and he hasn't taken his diabetes medicine," said David Alhaqq, the missing man's cousin. , .

Family members said Stewart is autistic and doesn't speak and that he's not violent, but it's best not to approach him.

He's unlikely to respond to a stranger.

Stewart is being described as five feet ten and 180 pounds.

"We're just very concerned. I don't want to be emotional. We just want to get him back to his mom and get him the help that he needs," said Sakinah Toney.  

Stewart was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, gray shorts and slippers.

"We've been looking for him. If you guys see him, he's thinner than this picture," Toney told passers-by as she gave them a missing person's flyer.

Family and friends said they've been pounding the pavement in their search.

Sightings around the neighborhood have not panned out.

"We can't find him. We've been to homeless camps. Talked to police. We've called the hospitals," Alhaqq said the family is concerned that he may have been harmed since he cannot speak.

"He's got a habit of grabbing somebody's door and just getting in the car so I'm fearing that he may have gotten into an abandoned car or a car of someone he don't know," said Alhaqq.

Stewart's family is asking anyone who sees him to call them at the number on the flyer: 510-258-6403 or contact police.

Oakland Police tells KTVU it is following up on this case.