North Bay residents prepare for another storm

Darien Escoto loaded up his pickup truck with bikes and other belongings outside his home on Cooper Drive in Santa Rosa

His house was red-tagged. Mud has been sliding into his backyard since mid-January. Just a couple of days ago, it caused the fence to snap. Escoto is worried the whole hillside could come down during the next big storm.

"It’s been a headache every day just seeing it get closer and closer every day. That’s why today we’ve been taking everything out, cleaning up, just trying to save what we can," said Escoto. 

Escoto and his family have had to evacuate several times this winter because of this landslide, which has damaged six homes on the street. The hillside really started to give way during the last series of storms, despite being tarped and sandbagged. 

"It’s a little frightening but what can we do? Mother nature," said Escoto. 

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At Marin Ace Hardware, some customers took advantage of the weekend’s brief dry weather to prepare their homes. They scooped up items like sump pumps and sandbags. 

"Tarps and the dams that go around the bases. Everything you can imagine to batten down the hatches," said employee Larry Owens.

The National Weather Service has been tracking another atmospheric river. Meteorologists say the moisture plume is expected further south this time, and they’re more concerned about wind gusts hitting the Bay Area. 

"We are seeing branches break off trees and trees fall on blue sky days," said meteorologist Dalton Behringer. "The soils are so moist and the trees are so weakened even the slightest of impacts is going to cause things to go wrong."