Novato police seek help after man tells children he's to bring them home

Photo courtesy Novato Police Department Twitter account.

Novato police are asking for information from the public after a 
man approached some children Sunday and told them their mother wanted him to take them home, police said.

The man approached the children at about 5 p.m. in the 700 block 
of Sutro Avenue while they were on a walk, according to what the children's mother told police. 

The children told officers that they stopped in the driveway of a home on Sutro Avenue when the man approached them. They ran after the man told them their mother wanted him to bring them home, and went to get help from a neighbor.  

Police said the man was described as thin, in his 50s with white 
curly hair and a white beard. He was wearing a gray shirt and sunglasses. He was driving a gray or white older model sedan, the children told police.  

Officers were unable to get any information on the license plate 
or the make and model of the sedan from people they spoke with at the scene. 

Officers searched the area and did not locate anyone matching the description of man. 

Police said they have asked residents in the area to check any 
video footage they have that might help officers and then get in touch with police.  

After police circulated the previous information on social media, 
another resident said told them their child may have seen the same man and vehicle in the area of Oak Crest Court and Redwood Boulevard in the city.

Police said they did not immediately share this information about 
the two incidents because of the vague description of the man and his vehicle.