Oakland A's play what is likely their last opening day at the Coliseum

It's the beginning of the end of an era at the Oakland Coliseum.

With the team set to move to Las Vegas, Thursday evening's game between the Oakland A’s and Cleveland Guardians will likely mark the last opening day the A’s play at the ballpark.

At the same time, in the same location, thousands of fans are expected to gather in a reverse boycott. 

Instead of spending money on tickets, which organizers say A’s owner John Fisher will use to help pay for the team's relocation, they're hoping to send a clear message by having more fans outside the stadium than in. 

"It's an opportunity for people who weren't going to give their money to Fisher any way to have an opportunity to come together, celebrate as fans," said Bryan Johansen. 

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Twitter user "OaktownTuro," a fan of the Oakland A's, stands in front of the Oakland Coliseum.   

In a statement, Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao said: "Oakland sports fans are the best in the world. I’m proud of the A’s fans' efforts to demonstrate to the baseball world that professional baseball belongs in Oakland."

Greg Trevizo, a member of the Oakland 68's fan group, told KTVU it's a way for fans to show the baseball world A's fans are here to stay. 

"We're here. We got money to spend on tickets when they get a new owner. When they get someone who wants to invest in a team, a roster, a stadium," Trevizo said. 

The A's are opening the parking lot at the Coliseum much later than normal, just two hours before first pitch. 

Fans think they know why. 

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A's Opening Day at the Coliseum in Oakland. March 28, 2024. 

"It's a direct response to the boycott and trying to thwart our efforts and the amount of fans that will be there," Johansen said.  The only comment they said was due to low ticket sales, so it's warranted; however, it doesn’t take into account that 15,000 fans will be in the parking lot." 

Organizers say the late opening has them concerned for public safety as traffic could be backed up to the freeway if not beyond.