Oakland City Council unanimously supports Prop. 64, marijuana legalization

Oakland's City Council unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday in support of Proposition 64, the statewide marijuana legalization initiative.

Proposition 64 would allow adults over 21 to legally grow, possess and use marijuana for recreational use, and allow the state to regulate marijuana businesses and tax marijuana cultivation and sales.

"Supporting Prop 64 is in Oakland's best interest, but the fight does not end there," Councilmember-at-Large Rebecca Kaplan, who authored the resolution, said in a statement.

The proposition would also allow those serving criminal sentences for marijuana-related crimes to be eligible for re-sentencing.

"It only makes sense to tax marijuana instead of locking people up. You save the money you don't spend on mass incarceration, and don't mess up people's lives," Kaplan said.

The city of Oakland has historically been friendly to medical marijuana. In 2004, the city allowed and regulated four medical marijuana dispensaries.

"By passing this resolution, Oakland continues our important leadership role, fighting for a legalized and taxed marijuana industry, and our work to end the harms of prohibition," Kaplan said.

"It's time we put an end to Richard Nixon's war on marijuana, which has disproportionately targeted people of color, especially African Americans, for arrest and incarceration," she said.