Oakland council approves mayor's raise

The Oakland City Council on Tuesday approved a raise for the mayor, making her the third-highest paid mayor in California.

Still, the council approved the lowest amount for a raise as dictated by city charter.

Mayor Sheng Thao will now earn $216,000 a year, up about $13,000 from what she makes now.

The vote was just a formality. The council voted for the raise in July.

Thao asked for the lowest amount. The city charter could have allowed her to earn more than $75,000 a year more. 

San Francisco Mayor Breed earns $357,000, making her the highest-paid mayor in the state, while Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass receives $301,000. 

According to the city charter, the mayor's salary is not supposed to be less than 70% or more than 90% of the average salaries of city managers/chief executive officers.