Oakland victim of hit-and-run says man who used car on him had 'murderous intent'

*Warning: Video contains graphic content that some viewers might find disturbing.

It’s an extreme case of road rage caught on camera. A driver hits a man with his car and narrowly misses two other people. It appears to be intentional.

The victim said the suspect used his car as a weapon and took off. It happened Sunday night in the Montclair neighborhood in the Oakland Hills.

The victim, Joseph Lax of Pleasanton, is physically okay. He did not need to go to the hospital but he may have blacked out initially in shock. The victims can't believe it turned violent so fast.

"When I got hit by the car I was actually disoriented it was probably a 30 second pause," said Lax.

"Emotionally I’m like a rock seeing that," said Lax. "I get teary eyed about it. He had murderous intent."

The initial altercation happened just before 6 p.m. Sunday. Lax said he was coming up on a blind turn near Girvin in the Montclair neighborhood when he said the driver of a Chevy Bolt came speeding up the hill almost hitting them.

"He gets real mad starts saying to me watch where you are going, I live here," said Lax.

The two drivers exchange words. The victims then said the Chevy driver threatened to kill them.

"He was like I’m going to kill you guys," said Allyson Amaral of Livermore. "It was really scary and we didn't think it was going to escalate so quickly."

Neighbors captured what happened next. The Chevy is seen narrowly missing the group of three. He then returns down the hill at an estimated 40 miles per hour.

"He hit me with the side of his car," said Lax. "I think he initially got my forearm. I did a full spin and landed right on my tailbone."

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Neighbor Jonathan Sanler heard the yelling and tires screeching. His wife recorded the videos.

"Apparently both those times were the second and third attempt at hitting them," said Sanler.

The Chevy driver took off. Neighbors posted the video on Nextdoor. Oakland Police are actively pursuing leads.

"After that, I will never yell not that I do but I will never say anything to any driver ever again," said Amaral.

The whole ordeal has shaken up the couple. They are warning others to be careful on the road saying you never know who you’ll encounter behind the wheel.

"It takes one incident where someone just snaps and loses it," said Lax. "He lost it and went absolutely crazy."

The victims have been working with investigators. The driver is described as a man in his 20's. He could face several charges including assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run and even attempted murder.

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