Oakland woman, firefighters give puppy to family who lost home, three pets in North Bay wildfires

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In November, Oakland Fire Fighters and their families attended the Band Together Bay Area benefit concert for the North Bay fire victims. 

Cheri Robertson, the wife of Oakland Firefighter Dan Robertson, sat next to the Joneses. 

“Talking to them, found out they lost their home, all of their belongings, and three family pets," said Robertson. "I just felt very strongly about giving them a puppy as soon as I could.”

Robertson kept in touch with the Jones Family, now living in a rental home of a friend. Robertson learned of a litter of silver Labrador puppies to be born on February 16. A fitting birthday for the Chinese New Year is the Year of the Dog. She was happy to share photos and videos of the new puppies. 

“It’s been really fun and positive to hear some excitement from them after that pain I saw that night with them. It’s really nice to see them anticipate this and excited," said Robertson.
Oakland Fire Fighters got word of the special dog adoption and several reached out to pitch in to buy puppy supplies. 

“They were able to donate a portable crate and some dog food and some other little things just to get the family started," said Dan Robertson. 

On Saturday, the Jones kids: Ava, 11, Elizabeth, 9, and Zachary, 7, ran up to Robertson's SUV to meet their new puppy. 

"He's so soft and fuzzy."  

They're still waiting on their house to be rebuilt in Fountain Grove, but the family has begun healing after the tragedy. The family adopted a four-year-old dog, Nikki, who was found after the fire and 56 days after leaving their home the night of the fire, the cat was found in the neighborhood.

While the fire took away so much, they say it introduced them to the kindness of others and to a new love. The kids decided to name their new silver puppy "Ash."