Oakland Zoo's pied crow recovered with help of resident: video

On Saturday an Oakland resident helped recover one of the pied crows that went missing from the zoo during last week's storm.

The resident, who lives a few miles from the zoo, spotted the crow named Deauville and called zoo officials. Video posted to instagram shows the zookeeper carefully luring the bird through the front door of the woman's home.

Four other birds that "flew the coop" at the Oakland Zoo on Tuesday were recovered safely after a tree fell onto an aviary there amid stormy weather, a zoo spokesperson confirmed. 

Three of them flew back into their habitat on their own, and Oliver, a hooded vulture, was recovered Friday, officials said.

Zookeepers are still hoping to locate Diego, another Pied Crow. These crows are fairly easy to spot because they are black with a creamy white "vest."   

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Any resident who spots Diego shouldn't try to catch him, as he is a very shy bird that startles easily. But anyone can call the rescue hotline at (510) 703-8986 to report seeing Diego.