Oakland's oldest kosher bakery on sale for $1

The owner of the Bay Area's oldest kosher bakery in Oakland is selling the place for $1.

Sam Tobis, who bought Grand Bakery from Bob Jaffe in 2017, said he's selling because he also is a partner at Saul's Restaurant and Deli in Berkley, and he doesn't have time to operate two businesses. 

The physical Grand Bakery storefront on Grand Avenue was shuttered when Jaffe sold it to Tobis. 

For the last almost seven years, Tobis has been baking out of The Food Mill in Fruitvale. 

The winning buyer needs to write an essay describing themselves, along with why they want to own a bakery, and their qualifications.

The bakery's website says the winning buyer will get the brand, company recipes, and the staff.

They will, however, need to buy appliances.

Grand Bakery, in some form or another, has been around for 64 years.