On day one, Biden signs executive orders on climate change, COVID

The Biden administration wasted no time signing executive orders and bringing back the traditional White House briefing.

Even on a day full of pomp and ceremony, newly sworn President Joe Biden took swift action, using the power of the presidency to overturn several executive orders put in place by former President Donald Trump. 

Within hours of taking the oath of office, Biden signed 17 executive orders, which included pulling funding from the border wall, reversing the travel ban from some Muslim majority countries, and reversing plans to pull out of the Paris climate accord and World Health Organization. 

"Some of the executive actions I'm signing today are going to help change the course of the COVID crisis, combat climate change in a way that we haven't done so far, and advance racial equity and support other underserved communities," President Biden said. "We're going to rebuild our economy as well. And these are just all starting points."

The Biden team also brought back a tradition that fell by the wayside under President Trump— the daily press briefing, which was a chance for Biden's administration to lay out its top priorities, including addressing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

"To combat the deadly virus the president launched his 100-day masking challenge," said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. "Asking Americans to do their part and mask up for 100 days. He's doing his part as well, issuing a mask mandate that will require anyone visiting a federal building or federal land or using certain modes of public transportation to wear a mask."

The White House also addressed the looming economic crisis. "The COVID pandemic has created an almost unprecedented housing affordability crisis. He took immediate action to confront the crisis and asked relevant agencies to extend nationwide moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures," said Psaki.

The press secretary said press briefings will be held Monday through Friday. Regular briefings on the fight against COVID will also resume.