One month after launching, Oakland's 311 is receiving plenty of complaint calls

It's been a month since Oakland introduced a new app and phone number for residents to report trash, potholes, broken lights and other problems on city streets. It should come as no surprise that the number of complaints is up with the launch of the new 311 number. 

"I fill up my trash can once a month with trash that's been thrown around," said Carole Chang. She has a bird's eye view from her home on Twitter court in East Oakland. She wants to see more birds, but instead, she sees shoe boxes, old boxes of lunch. 

"People who have lunch here and throw their garbage away and there's so much garbage in the the field, you can't see it because the hay is so high," Chang said. 

This empty lot and her cul de sac seem okay for now, but Chang says that won't last. 

"There's trucks and station wagons that come up and just dump things on and tires and everything," she said. 

KTVU's Henry Lee told Chang about the 311 app . She said she'll use it. 

"There's trucks and station wagons that come up and just dump things; tires and everything," Chang said. 

Mayor Libby Schaaf introduced the 311 app last month to report things like illegal dumping, graffiti, and broken lights. Ever since the app went online, complaints have gone up 12 percent from 5,291 during the same time last year to 5,916.

"We need all hands on deck for the quality of life issues in Oakland and 311 gives everybody the tools to be part of the solution; to be the eyes and ears of the city, so we know where to go and what to do, what you need fixed," Mayor Schaaf said. 

 When it comes to illegal dumping, the mayor said the city has a goal. 

"We want to see at least 90 percent of those complaints picked up within three business days. Frankly, I'd like it to be one business day," said Schaaf. 

Chang hopes the city will respond quickly after she reports problems so that she can get back to enjoying nature. 

"And you hear birds and you hear chipmunks and you hear squirrels," Chang said with a smile, adding, "You can't go wrong."