One person killed, another injured in freeway shooting along Highway 4

The California Highway Patrol is investigating a deadly shooting on Highway 4 in Contra Costa County. It marks the fifth shooting along that stretch of roadway in three months.

For commuters who use Highway 4 regularly, these shootings are an unwelcome trend.

The latest shooting happened Saturday night. Police say a car with a gunman inside shot into a black Toyota Camry. The driver then crashed into the guard rail.

CHP responded and found the Camry covered with bullet holes. Two victims were located inside, one of them died.

Police also found a car seat in the back of the Camry, but it wasn't immediately clear if there was a child in it.

"Its scary, I have two kids, and it is very scary to know that," said Javier Topete, a driver on Highway 4. "You don't really know if someone was targeted or was it random, the unknown is kinda scary."

Drivers say the scary part is that it keeps happening.

Since April, CHP has responded to four other shootings on Highway 4.

A shooting near I-680 hurt a mother driving her 11 year old daughter. Three days later, near Railroad Ave, the CHP says a shooting hurt a driver in his 20s.

A few days after that near Bailey Road on May 1, another driver was shot. And nearly a week after that shooting, again near Railroad Ave, a driver and passenger were both shot.

"It's really scary," said Marty Riley, a passing motorist. "I grew up here, and it's not the town I grew up in. It used to be a nice family community but it's not that anymore. It's sad."

The California Highway Patrol is asking the public for their help in gathering information that might be helpful in any of these incidents.

The CHP tip line is (707) 917-4491.