Houston woman claims man ejaculated on her in River Oaks Dollar Tree

A Houston woman has filed suit against Dollar Tree after she claims she was sexually assaulted at the company’s River Oaks location last December. 

Attorney Anna Greenberg at Blizzard Greenberg Law is suing Dollar Tree and Fidelis Realty Partners, operators of the plaza, for negligence after the shopper was followed and harassed by a male customer. According to the suit, the female customer claimed the man ejaculated on her in the store. 

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The woman, who spoke with FOX 26 anonymously, says on Dec 5 around 10 a.m., she was standing on one of the aisles at the West Gray location when the man approached her from behind and started whispering in her ear. 

"He started saying all the things he wanted to do to me," said the woman. "It was really bad. I couldn't believe this was happening. I panicked and told him he was disgusting, and I immediately went to get my friend on the other aisle." 

As she and her friend stood in line at the register to purchase their items, the woman said the man moved towards the front of the store making facial expressions at her, and eventually left on a bicycle. The woman described him as a Black male wearing a blue jacket, beanie, and a backpack. 

After stepping outside, she says she felt a cold substance on her back. 

"When my friend looked at my clothes, she just panicked," she said. The woman eventually walked back into the store to report the incident after going home to shower and change her clothes.

"I said to the manager, I just got sexually assaulted in the store. She turns around, and she yells in Spanish, "oh, another one...you're the third case in less than four days." 

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The women also kept the evidence and reported it to the Houston Police Department. She alleges requests to Dollar Tree for store video surveillance have been denied. 

Attorneys claim Dollar Tree creates a dangerous condition by understaffing its stores, which contributes to their longstanding history of theft, robbery, and other issues with violent crimes. 

Since the assault, the woman has reported nightmares and high levels of stress and anxiety. She says she is especially fearful around men and finds it difficult to shop anywhere without constantly looking over her shoulder. 

No arrests have been made in the case. FOX 26 reached out to Dollar Tree's corporate office as well as Fidelis Realty Partners on Monday and waiting to hear back. 

On May 14, a man was arrested for a similar incident involving a woman inside a Whole Foods in Atlanta, Georgia. Fox 5 reports he was arrested in Gwinnett County and charged with sexual battery and public indecency.