Spree of Oakland violence tied to burglars targeting pot shops

Police in Oakland are investigating several late-night shootings at several crime scenes, including at a cannabis shop near the airport. Late Wednesday night, police said an officer shot and killed a suspect related to one of these incidents. 

The first occurred about 10:20 p.m. Tuesday, where two crime scenes emerged: One at 94th Avenue and International Boulevard and the second two blocks away at 92nd and Walnut Street. Two shooting victims were found there and both were rushed to Highland Hospital, video at the scene shows. 

OPD spokesperson Johnna Watson said three officers were struck and injured by vehicles involved in the robbery attempt after officers tried to detain the suspects. The suspects fled on foot and in vehicles. An officer discharged their weapon, killing a 20-year-old Oakland resident. 

The man's name has not been released as next of kin has yet to be notified. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The officers injured were treated at a local hospital and released. Police arrested more than a dozen people in connection to this incident and recovered nine firearms. Alameda County Sheriff's Office SWAT responded to assist. 

Alameda County District Attorney's office and Oakland Police Department internal affairs will investigate the fatal shooting involving the officer. Police will release additional details of their investigation soon, they said. 

Less than an hour later, another shooting was reported at 11:15 p.m.

Gunfire was reported on Baldwin Street near 85th Avenue, where police said as many as 50 cars were parked outside a cannabis shop, as several people were trying to break in.

There are reports of up to 30 shots, which were exchanged between a security guard in the business and the looters. 

The security guard was shot and taken to the hospital, and another victim that may be connected to the shooting also went to the hospital.

"They're smart, they're professional and they're organized," said James Anthony, an attorney who represents the cannabis industry. 

He said roving carloads of burglars targeting marijuana businesses most likely thought they could take advantage of Election Day, believing police would be focused elsewhere. But Anthony said dispensaries had been warned days ago about such tactics, and police were on high alert.

"Hopefully, they will realize that it's not like the good-old-days when you just broke in and took whatever you want and left, and nobody bothered you and there was no resistance and no police response," Anthony said. "That's done. It's over."