Outside Lands wraps up historic weekend at Golden Gate Park

Outside Lands 2021 came to an end Sunday night with a performance by Tame Impala. It was the first big festival in Golden Gate Park since the pandemic, and this time it fell on Halloween instead of its normal weekend in August. 

"San Francisco Halloween is the best Halloween in the world. And to combine it with Outside Lands has been a great experience," said attendee Graham Biller. "The atmosphere with the costumes and everything has been amazing."

Many attendees felt the holiday brought more fun and creativity to the event.  

"It was a lot more fun this year being able to dress up, there’s a lot of energy coming off of COVID, it’s a good time," said Valerie Garparini.

For many, it was the first time being around such large crowds since the pandemic. It's a welcome feelings, but it came with a little hesitation at first.

"It’s felt really great and initially a little unnerving maybe as you walk into the park for the first time and you’re surrounded by hoards of people and nobody’s wearing masks, but we’ve had a great time," said Biller.

Everyone had to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test in order to enter the park. Some said that made them feel safe enough to finally get out and have some fun.

"It’s good to finally do something, get back to normal. Like before COVID this is what I used to do and it’s nice to do it again," said David Gies.

Event staff said there were no major issues this weekend and no medical transports on Saturday.

"People were really prepared and everyone was cooperative," said Dennis Flores with the event staff. "It went pretty smooth."