Pacifica beaches closed through Monday

Due to the wildfire emergency in San Mateo County and resulting unhealthy air quality, all Pacifica beaches and beach parking lots will be closed from sunrise Saturday to sunrise Monday.

High inland temperatures over recent weekends are expected to continue this weekend, drawing crowds to coastal beaches. The current wildfire emergency in San Mateo County has increased the need to keep roadways clear for emergency vehicle traffic responding to the fire scenes and to facilitate continual evacuations. It is anticipated that crowds traveling to the beach areas could potentially interfere with emergency operations.

In addition to traffic concerns, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has issued a Spare the Air Alert through Sunday, August 23rd, due to unhealthy air caused by wildfire smoke. Anticipated beach crowds would likely be negatively affected by air quality. Anticipated crowds also may contribute to the spread of COVID19.


It is therefore necessary to close Pacifica beaches and beach parking lots to protect the public health and safety, to discourage travel to beaches located within Pacifica and reduce crowding and traffic congestion to ensure access for emergency response vehicles and evacuations south of Pacifica due to the uncontained wildfires.

Specifically, the following beaches and beach parking lots will be closed in Pacifica:

  • Pacifica State Beach (Linda Mar Beach) and north and south parking lots
  • Crespi parking lot in front of the Pacifica Community Center,
  • Rockaway Beach and north and south parking lots,
  • Sharp Park Beach
  • Esplanade Beach and Fisherman's Lot in the 800 block of Palmetto Avenue

The Coastal Trail, Mori Point hiking trails, Beach Boulevard Promenade, and Pacifica Pier will remain open for visitors to enjoy while practicing health protective measures such as wearing your mask and physically distancing six feet apart to help prevent the spread of COVID19.

City officials in Half Moon Bay have also closed their beaches and beach parking from sunrise Friday morning to sunrise Monday morning.

"It is unfortunate that these weekend closures need to occur," says Pacifica Mayor Deirdre Martin, "but this public safety measure is appropriate for the safety of the community."