Pacifica police investigating 'suspicious' circumstances around kidnapping call

Police in Pacifica are investigating suspicious circumstances around a possible kidnapping call Friday morning, authorities said. 

Officers received a call just before 7 a.m. from a resident at a home on the 1100 block of Manzanita Drive who reported hearing noises in her home. She said it alarmed her because that area of the home should have been empty. 

The woman told police that when she went to check out where the sound was coming from, she realized two people, who she knows, had broken into her home. So she ran to call 911. 

"I said that, 'My son says that his girlfriend had been kidnapped' and that 'The guy tried to run me over.' So, that's how it all started," Theresa Bechelli said. 

She saw a woman she recognized as her son's new girlfriend and a man she knew as her son's acquaintance. 

Bechelli said she thought the woman was being taken at gunpoint against her will in a grey truck. Shortly after, with the help of San Francisco and Brisbane police, they tracked the two down to an apartment complex in South San Francisco. 

A man there told KTVU he recognized the woman and she didn't appear to under any distress. He said she got out of the car, picked up a package and then got back in the truck. 

Police said they aren't searching for anyone at this time and not releasing any additional information.