Paralyzed man's specialized bicycle stolen in Richmond

Parker Wills says his idea of freedom is getting out of his wheelchair and on to his mountain bike, made especially for those who are paralyzed.

"It's my escape. I have difficulty moving around. And with it, I don't," said Wills. 

But that custom bike, which he's rode up Mount Diablo, Mount Tamalpais and countless other places, has been stolen.%INLINE%

It appears someone broke the lock with bolt cutters Saturday night or Sunday morning and took the bike. It was parked right outside the front door of his Richmond condominium. Wills said he almost never keeps the bike there overnight.

"I'm pretty angry, yeah. I'm upset. It's a loss. Another loss," he said.

Wills got the bike six years ago, not long after he fell off a third floor balcony, severed his spine and ended up in a wheelchair.

The bike costs $7,500. It has a motor but no pedals. 

"I use hand cranks. Instead of my feet, I use my arms," he explained.

His girlfriend said being able to mountain bike means a lot to Wills. "It's his way of doing what he loves. And not having it is a pretty big loss," said Elizabeth Ramos.

"I can go fast and feel the wind. I just can't go for a run outside," said Wills.

The condo complex does have a security gate and surveillance cameras. Still, it didn't stop the theft.

The condominium property manager said she is still compiling the video.

A neighbor heard about what happened and started a GoFundMe page to pay for a new bike.

"It was just really terrible to hear that and I thought if there was a way to help, I will help," said Adriana Ledesma.

Wills said he'd rather get his bike back. He needs to go mountain biking.

"It's special to me. It's in my bones. I'm a mountain biker. I'm more a mountain biker than I am disabled. That's how I feel," he said.