Parents name their daughter after internet provider for free WiFi

The cost of living can be expensive, between monthly streaming services, groceries, cable and internet. But one Swiss couple hoping to cut down on costs reportedly named their daughter after their internet service provider in order to get free WiFi for 18 years.

According to NPR, the new parents responded to an advertisement from Twifi, a Swiss-based Internet provider offering to provide free internet for 18 years to anyone who named their child after the service.

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“Twifus” for a boy and “Twifia” for a girl were the names chosen by the internet provider.

In an interview with a local media outlet, the parents revealed, "The longer I thought about it, the more unique the name became for me, and that was when the thing got its charm."

The parents, both 30 and 35, said they wish to remain anonymous and revealed that the child’s first name is not in fact “Twifia,” but rather her middle name, which still counts according to local reports.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.