Pedestrians critically injured by suspected impaired driver in San Francisco's Mission District

Two pedestrians, who were struck by a suspected impaired driver in San Francisco's Mission District late Wednesday afternoon, are in the hospital with life-threatening injuries, police say.

The two male pedestrians, both from San Francisco, are 49 and 34-years-old. They underwent surgery and are in critical condition.  

Police responded to the collision at 4:20 p.m. Emergency crews at the scene alerted people to avoid Mission Street between 22nd and 24th streets. 

According to police, the driver of a burgundy Toyota Prius was turning from 23rd street on to Mission, where they struck a pedestrian and continued down the road. The driver then drove onto the sidewalk and struck a Muni bus where he hit two passengers exiting the bus. A female, who was clipped, was treated and relased at the scene. The male bus passenger was critically injured. 

"I see one guy...left leg bad. Bleeding," said one witness Halim Mohammad. "He was driving so fast." Mohammad guessed the driver, who police did not identify, was going about 45 to 50 mph. 

Emergency crews at the scene of a crash where three pedestrians were struck.

The Prius driver and a passenger initially left the scene of the crash, but returned about five minutes later. Both were detained. 

Police said surveillance camera video from a nearby Walgreens and the Muni bus involved show what happened. 

"Drug and alcohol may be a factor," said SFPD Sgt. Frank Harrell. 

SFPD Traffic Collision Investigation Unit is investigating the collision. 

Emergency crews at the scene of a crash involving three pedestrians.