South Bay churches hold prayer vigil for George Floyd, denounce racial injustice

May 25th marks one year since George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer. On Saturday, a crowd gathered in front of Palo Alto city hall to remember him. 

"It was really hard for everyone to look away from that," said Pastor Susan Van Riesen of the Palo Alto Vineyard church. 

She, along with religious leaders from nearly 30 churches organized the vigil, holding it just days before the anniversary of Floyd's death. 

"I felt like God was saying, ‘I need you to care and I need you to care out loud," said Pastor Riesen. 

Engaging in song, prayer, and poetry, the South Bay churches intend to send a clear message: enough is enough. The church groups are calling for justice in all communities, as Asian Americans continue to fall victim of xenophobia. 

"We need to come together in unity while recognizing each other’s diversity," said Reverend Harry Cox, South Bay Community church.

Professional basketball player, Jeremy Lin, also spoke at the vigil.

"I come from a place of weariness and fatigue," said Lin while address the crowd. 

He shared a prayer calling for peace for Floyd's family, the black community, and the Asian community. 

"Every sin, every conflict, every disagreement that we have comes from pride," Lin said. 

Church leaders say Saturday's prayer vigil serves as a reminder to rely on unity and faith to right injustices. 

"Dr. King had it right when he said that ‘darkness will never drive out darkness, it takes love to do that. But, a part of love is justice," Pastor Hurmon Hamilton of New Beginnings Community church said.   

Floyd's killer was recently convicted. On Tuesday, May 25th it will be one year since Floyd's untimely death.