Photo of suspect’s car released in Union City homicide, reward offered

Police in Union City released a picture of a suspect’s car in a double homicide investigation. Police said it was involved in the shooting deaths of two young boys last November. 

Police so far have made no arrests and have not disclosed a motive. Police have identified the victims as 14-year-old Sean Withington and 11-year-old Kevin Hernandez.

Elissa Withington is grieving the loss of 14-year-old Sean who she raised as her son. His death has torn her life apart.

“It’s killing me every day,” said Grandmother Elissa Withington. “Since the time of his death, I come to hug the tree. I cry every day. I have counseling. I have severe anxiety.”

Withington said she had heard a gunshot not far from her home the night of November 23 of last year. She didn't realize it involved Sean until police showed up the next morning.

“I was texting him to come home and to tell Kevin to drop the van and come home right away,” said Elissa Withington. “He told me go to bed Mom.”

Sean Withington and Kevin Hernandez had been gunned down, found in a van at the Searles Elementary School parking lot. Police said they were called at 1:30 a.m.

“What were the kids doing there in the parking lot,” said Lt. Steven Mendez of Union City Police. “Were they sleeping out of the van? We don't have indications that was it. The vehicle belonged to one of the mothers of one of the kids. It wasn't stolen.”

Police said video from a neighbor shows two gunmen firing at the van several times. Based on that video, police believe the suspect's car to be a 2014 to 2017 silver Toyota Camry.

Elissa Withington hugs the tree where the van came to rest after the shooting. Sean’s uncle, a father figure, said Sean was on his way home. He isn’t sure what happened.

“Every day I have to relive the moments, his emotion what he may have felt like when this happened, how scared he may have been,” said Uncle Robert Chavarria.

Loved ones said Sean was intelligent, happy and curious who wanted to enroll in the Marines. They are pleading to the public for answers.

“They condemned them to die when they have so much potential and they were young kids 11 and 14,” said Elissa Withington.

“This happened during the holidays, two weeks from now it’s his birthday,” said Chavarria. “A big part of our family is missing.”

Police have also announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.